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Communicate with your little one through Sign Language

A.B.N 53 783 431 270

Bubs on the Move

for the babies

This class is specifically designed for babies under 8 months. It is very basic and you will be taught simple

signs to words that you will need to begin your baby

signing journey.

Time: 1hour

Cost $55 per person

*minimum of 3 people

Handouts will be given during class


**a $10 voucher will be given, which can be used towards another class if you wish to continue signing once your

baby is older**


Tots on the Run

for busy mums and dads

A 1 hour lesson for families who may be unable to get out and about, or for those who sometimes find it a challenge

to get out of the house on time.

I will come into your home and teach you the basics as well as be there for any questions you have. 

1 Lesson

Time: 1hour

Cost: $100 per person/couple.

Handouts will be given during class


4 week class

when one just isn't enough

Our 4 week class is full of everything you need to know. From "milk" to "where is the dog?" you will be taught the basics as well as using key words to make a sentence.

This class is great for the older toddler who is learning

to talk but is getting frustrated because the words just

don't seem to come out right.

4 lessons

Time: 1 hour per lesson

Cost: $120 per person or $145 per couple.

*minimum of 4 people

Handouts will be given each week 

Preschool and Daycare 

An interactive and fun class for all age levels.

Topics include feelings, animals, colours and everyday words.

A book and song will be used to help the little ones and

their educators learn what has been taught each week.

1 lesson or 6, it's up to you.

As every centre is different and has their own needs and wants, we will cater to what you would like to learn and how long for. 

A usb stick containing handouts will be given, as well as signing resources so you can continue learning with your students all day, all year round.

Please send a message if you could like to discuss a visit to your preschool or daycare.

Community Classes

Every now and then, we will be holding a 4 week class

in a different location around the Coffs Harbour area.

Please follow our Facebook page for regular updates

and locations.

If you are interested in our classes but none of these options suit, please contact us so we can arrange a class that is better suited for your needs.

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