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Have you ever thought to yourself,

"I wonder what my baby is saying when they babble?"


Well now you can take away some of the guesswork with baby sign language!

For example, each time you feed your baby, show her the sign for "milk" and she will get use to seeing this. Eventually she will be able to sign it back and can tell you when she wants her "milk".

Or, your child may have a toy that they just can't go without. You may have to rush out the door and forget all about teddy. Instead of your baby getting upset and you possibly taking a while to realise why he's upset, he can sign to you "teddy". You'll know exactly what has made him upset and then you can either go back inside and get it for him, or give him a cuddle if it's too late to go back home.



Why should I sign with my baby?

Signing with your baby can help build confidence and reduce tantrums as well as increase the bond that they already have with you. At Signing Bubs and Tots, we use Auslan (AUstralian Sign LANguage), which is the native sign language for Australia. This means that your little one will be able to tell you what they want before they are able to talk, and they will also be learning some key signs to a second language.










Benefits to signing with your baby include:

*Reducing the frustration which leads to tantrums

*Can increase IQ by up to 12 points

*Children can express their needs and feelings


*Builds a higher self-esteem


*Learning the basic Key Signs of another language, AUSLAN 


*Accelerates communication skills which can lead to earlier spoken language 

Communicate with your little one through Sign Language

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