Signing Bubs and Tots - Communicate with your little one through Sign Language
Is your baby crying and you
don’t know why?
Is your toddler about to have another tantrum because they can’t get their message across to you clearly?
Do you want to know what your child wants before they are able to speak fluently?
Then why not end all of this guesswork
and reduce the tantrums,
by learning Baby Sign Language!
Using Auslan (Australian Sign Language) baby sign language with your baby or toddler before they are able to speak fluently, can help to reduce the stress and frustration out of not knowing what your child wants, by teaching your little one to sign what they
want and how they feel.
Auslan is the native sign language in Australia. So as well as reducing frustration, you will also be teaching your little one another language. 
Signing can help build confidence and reduce tantrums and
can also increase the bond that they already have with their parents and carers. 
As well as taking away some of the guesswork, studies have shown that pre-verbal children who are taught to sign are able to grasp spoken language much faster than non-signers.